B in the B room

B in the B room

Producer B

Producer B

B in the A-room

B in the A-room




Amethyst Love Godz: Wedding of the Afrofuture 2019

An Afro Fantasy short film filmed in Baltimore MD 2019

Official Selection of Maryland Film Festival 2022


Konjuring Reality 2020-2021

10 episode reality docu-series featuring the Konjur Collective

Co-owner BlakWater Production House


Where continuous time, love and conflict exists in a story of romance and resilience, there’s bound to be triumph and cliff hanging short moments of release. Husband and wife duo Kariz Marcel and B.FLY symbolize the strength of a Black Family bonded by thoughts of the past and visions of the future. This once abducted and murdered couple travels hundreds of years only to be confronted in several lifetimes with the same colonizing evils that caused their demise. Guided separately by ancestral forces they journey through a foreign land, blind to the vision but strong in cellular memory. Will the village succeed in leading this majestic couple to holy matrimony? Or does time and the powers of oppression get the best of them?

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