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The wedding that created our companies.

Love is Law. Family Is Business


On July 7, 2019, our village attended The Wedding Of The AfroFuture and witnessed Jahiti of BrownFISH unite B/FLY & Kariz Marcel in film, music, and holy matrimony at The Creative Alliance in Baltimore MD.  Unlike most traditional marriages, our 6 month engagement season was spent writing, filming, and scoring our original AfroFantasy Short Film “Amethyst Love Godz”. 


There was one caveat. We asked that our guests refrain from purchasing anything FOR US as a wedding gift. Instead, we created our e-commerce based wedding registry with 4 items that our guests were able to pre-order and enjoy FOR THEMSELVES: Tickets to the Film Screening ($25), The Film ($60), The Score ($30), & The Cinepack ($100). 


We extend immense gratitude to our friends, family, and creative community who contributed to the success of our vision. Your blind support of Amethyst Love Godz has been invaluable to the production of this body of Fine Art. 

We hope you enjoy our production.




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